The Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell

The central hub of the Network

The Mary Lyon Centre will be at the centre of the Network, providing world-class expertise, tools, resources, and specialist technologies and services not readily available elsewhere, and coordinating many cross-cluster interactions. It will act as a central repository for, and provider of, the genetically engineered mice and associated data delivered through its own phenotyping platforms and those of the clusters, manage the distribution of mouse models to the wider national/international communities, and act as a national training hub to support specialist skills and capacity needs.

Building on nearly two decades of experience in providing world class mouse genetics services to the scientific community in the UK and internationally, the Mary Lyon Centre will lead the effort to bring mouse genetics studies closer to the clinicians by ensuring that the models generated and the phenotyping platforms used are the most relevant available and by driving the development of new technologies making use of the vast network of connections and the expertise of the scientists on site achieved over the last 18 years.

Team Leads

Lydia TeboulModel
Martin FrayArchiving and