Sharing advances in technology for the generation and validation of genetically altered models 

On the 1st and 2nd of February, 30 delegates from around the UK were invited to attend the 1st MRC National Mouse Genetics Network (NMGN) Workshop on Genetically Altered Mouse Models. The workshop was held at the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester Institute and had the key aim of exchanging the most recent advances in genome engineering technologies. 

The delegates were able to learn, discuss, and exchange protocols and opinions on a wide range of new and established technologies that are at the forefront of the generation and validation of clinically relevant mouse models. 

The ability to exchange knowledge and expertise in the field of preclinical mouse genetics is one of the principal remits of the NMGN and is focused on fostering a virtuous cycle of collaboration and improvement in outcomes that is only possible when individuals are working towards a shared aim. The meeting was organised by Antony Adamson of the University of Manchester, Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health, Ben Davies of The Francis Crick Institute and lead of the Horizon Scanning Associate Cluster, Natalia Moncaut of the CRUK Manchester Institute, Douglas Strathdee of the CRUK Scotland Institute in Glasgow, Lydia Teboul from the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell, and Andrew Wood, lead of the Degron Cluster.

Both organisers and delegates agreed that a workshop, as opposed to a series of talks, is a particularly useful format that allows for extensive exchanges of experience about genome engineering technologies, the technical changes that are happening in the field, and current promising developments. Many protocols were also shared but, more importantly, a national support network was reinforced that will constitute the foundation of future projects and collaborative programmes. 

The current plan is to repeat the experience yearly to build on the success of the first workshop and to consider the feedback obtained from the delegates. 

Thanks to all the delegates and speakers for making this first workshop a success and a lot of fun! 

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