Collaborate to Translate – Launching the new Network

On the 25th and 26th of April, we held the first in-person meeting between many of the members of our clusters and the official launch event for the MRC National Mouse Genetics Network at the Advance training centre at the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell.

The event was highlighted by inspiring talks given by John Iredale, Interim Executive Chair of the Medical Research Council, Owen Sansom, Director of the National Mouse Genetics Network and the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute at the University of Glasgow and Sara Wells, Director of the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell, hub of the new network.

Over the two days, members of the network clusters had the opportunity to meet each other in person, present the plans for their exciting and innovative new projects, and start discussing collaborations, data sharing and training ideas.

On the second day we were delighted to host many external delegates representing the research community, industry and other institutions that will benefit from the work that the network will carry out over the next 5 years, bringing mouse genetics closer than ever to the clinics and contributing to a deeper understanding of genetic disease and therapeutic avenues.

The sun was shining and the atmosphere was buzzing with the excitement provided by a rare in person meeting, a lovely venue and, most importantly, the hugely exciting science ahead of us.

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