A new Ageing Cluster

People of different age sitting on a blank panel and looking at camera isolated on white background

We are expanding! The MRC National Mouse Genetics Network is excited to have the opportunity to add an Ageing cluster to our existing research themes. The new cluster will receive additional funding over a four-year period starting from December 2023.

In order to initiate discussions on the development of this theme we are inviting all researchers with an interest in ageing to an online workshop on the 2nd of February.  The event will bring together a range of experts and aims to establish a group of academics that will be encouraged to develop a bid over the following months.

Owen Sansom, Director of the Network, said: “The NMGN was established with the option to expand our research clusters and add new clinically relevant themes to the Network. We are thrilled that the Ageing Cluster provides us with the first opportunity to act on our aims and believe that we will be able to put together a strong group of researchers that adds exciting new expertise and capabilities to our Network. We can already predict clear overlaps and fruitful interactions of the Ageing Cluster with some of our existing themes, such as cancer, mitochondrial diseases and pain and will be eager to explore how all the themes can integrate with this key area of clinical research.”

If you are interested in joining the workshop, please email NMGNDirector@beatson.gla.ac.uk.

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